Traits are commonly used to represent innate capability, a character relies on these abilities when surprised or reacting to a situation or in those cases where they are not trained in the task.

Agility is used when attempting to apply strength precisely. Some examples might be climbing or grabbing a ledge or rope when falling.

(Dex + Int)
Coordination is used when attempting for hand-eye coordination. Catching an object that was thrown at them, precisely placing an object on a stand, trying to pick a lock while not being trained.

(Met x 2)
Fortitude is the application of durability. Resisting poison or disease or spells that are of similar effects. Resisting elements like cold or heat.

Luck represents a persons general good fortune. In those cases when the character does not have the opportunity to react you would use luck. An example would be a fireball coming at the character that they are unaware of, instead of using Quickness they would use Luck.

(Int + Ess)
Perception is a person’s general ability to observer and detect things. This could be things out of the ordinary or even those that are expected. Perception is commonly used to notice ambushes or attacks or clues that a character has a chance to notice. Perception is also used to determine if non-normal noises are wake a character who is sleeping.

(Ess x 2)
Psyche represents a person’s ability to resist soul attacks and things that affect their soul. This could be a soul whip attack, or a possession attempt.

(Dex x 2)
Quickness is a person’s reactionary speed. In those cases where quick response without the need for strength can help aid the character. Common uses for quickness are avoiding “splash” damage from spells that are not targeted at them but near them or ducking through a closing door without getting hit.

(Int x 2)
Willpower is a person’s mental toughness and strength. Willpower is used to resist mind affecting effects like mind control or sleep or some drugs that affect the mind.

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