Life Points and Critical Life Points ( CLP ) are recovered over time while resting
How much is recovered is dependent on the character’s metabolism.

What happens if a character drops to 0 LP?
They fall unconscious and any extra goes into CLP

What happens if a character drops to 0 CLP?
At 0 CLP a character has died, recovery is next to impossible.

Bind Wounds/First Aid??
Medical Skill is used to apply first aid or extended healing. ( extended healing is a new idea )
Every 6 dice of damage allows the recovery of 1d6, each 1d6 is modified by the First Aid modifier depending on how well Medical skill was used.

Skill Roll First Aid Extended(Beta)
Easy +0 +1 LP/24Hr
Normal +1 +1 LP/12Hr
Difficult +2 +1 LP/6Hr
Very Difficult +3 +1 LP/4Hr

First aid can only be applied once, once wounds have had healing ( magical or mundane) applied to them first aid can not be used again until the character is injured again.

For every 3 dice of magical healing 1 CLP is recovered.

For every 3 dice of healing 1 CLP is recovered.

Healing potions have a fairly standard cost ( probably )
5d healing potions 5GC
8d healing potions 10GC


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